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Automatic gluing machine LT500

LT500 OMAC® is an automated workstation suitable to collect, gluing, fold and iron leather or fabrics used in leather goods production.

LT500 is an automated workstation suitable to collect, gluing, fold and iron leather or fabrics quadrants of maximum size 255x155 mm.

The grip and positioning of the material takes place via the traditional suction system or by the Innovative of double-sided adhesive equipment that allows to take also open-weave fabrics.

The large automatic lift loader of the material allows the machine to work in complete autonomy for long periods of time, while the powerful vacuum exhauster ensures that the items, even if very light, will remain correctly positioned during the gluing phase. The transport of the material in processing is done by the conveyor belt with speed variator.

In the gluing step the machine is able to perform rectilinear and curved trajectories allowing to put the glue in the full surface or only on the edges of the materials.

The folding can be performed with cold and hot marking, while an optical viewer ensures the correct parallelism between the element to be folded and the folding station. The ironing process occurs through a heated belt press which reaches a maximum temperature of 100 °.

All steps are managed and programmed by integrated PC with the corporate network.

The programming can be done via DXF files, preset paths or points, with the help of the joystick and laser pointer; all programs of work can be saved on the PC on the machine and on a USB stick so that it can be reused in the future.

The machine is equipped with a 10 liter Teflon tank prepared for the use of glue in dry bags

225 x 293 x 176 cm
500 Kg

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