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Automatic-pneumatic numbering machine 700

The OMAC® Automatic-Pneumatic Numbering Machine is able to stamp and/or number belts, shoulder straps for handbags and leather strips of various types. It is possible to use also colored ribbon.

The OMAC® 700 is an automatic-pneumatic numbering machine used in the leather industry to stamp and/or number belts, shoulder straps for hand bags, and other leather strips.

Technical features:

  • Auto-adjusting guide for centering on the numerator;
  • Fully adjustable end travel timing system;
  • Thermoregulator with electronic control of constant temperature up to 250 ° C by probe;
  • Electronic counters;
  • Safety control with double synchronized push buttons according to EEC standards;
  • Standard numerator with 6 numbering disks + 23 cliché ports + 1 disk measures (size);
  • Adjustable belt conveyor with easy screw-in;
  • Electronic timer for printing time;
  • Working range 17 cm;
  • Power 300 Kg.

The machine is equipped with a column, control panel with electronic control via microprocessor and pneumatic SMC system.

Available versions:

700L: Stamping-Numbering Machine complete with 6 numbering discs + 3 cliché ports + sizes disc and adjustable temperature up to 250 °C. Working space 27 cm. Power 300 Kg.

72x59x146 cm
85 Kg
270 Kg. a 6 bar / 360 Kg. a 8 bar
Air consumption
6 bar = 0,4 Lt. x ciclo
Absorbed power
300 Watt

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