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Edge Dyeing Machine 989

The OMAC® Edge Dyeing Machine 989 is a machine able to colour the edges of any kind of material: leather, eco leather, cardboard, fabric, etc. It is used in the fields of leather goods, footwear, watchmaking, furnishing, nautical, automotive and leather items.

Thanks to the long and thin painter roller, the 989 is an edge dyeing machine that can also colour the narrower corners of handbags, suitcases, wallets and other leather goods accessories, footwear, furnishing accessories for homes and professional studios, boat cushions and car seats, watch straps and holsters for guns.

The innovative colour drawing system and the use of Teflon material to cover the parts in contact with the colour allows fast cleaning of the machine.

The machine is equipped with LED light, variable speed controller and adjustable guides.


  • Shaped rollers with grooves;
  • Small diameter rollers;
  • Support.
Only head version
31x51x3,2 cm
18 Kg.
Complete version
53x52x13,8 cm
43 Kg

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