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Manual Stamping Machine 993M

The OMAC® Manual Standing Machine 993M is used in leather goods to mark and stamp with hot system on leather, Eco leather or other types of materials. It is also possible to use a ribbon or colored foil.

The OMAC® 993M is a manual stamping machine used to stamp and mark with hot system on handbags, wallets, belts and other small leather goods. The stamping takes place by means of the manual operation of a lever.

It is equipped with a system for the use of color transferable ribbon. All models are "CE" certified and therefore equipped with protection and / or accident prevention systems.

Technical features:

  • Adjustable temperature with temperature regulator from 0 to 350 ° C;
  • Timer for pneumatic machines from 0 to 10 sec;
  • Pneumatic pressure from 0 to 6 bars.

Optional: Support.

52x48x67 cm
25 Kg

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