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Loader MIRAGE 1

MIRAGE 1 OMAC® is used in the leather goods fields in order to load belts, shoulder straps and leather strips.

MIRAGE1 is an automatic loader for belts, shoulder straps and strips in general, programmable by PLC. It allows loading up to 400 strips of width 18 - 70 mm.

Belts or shoulder straps are withdrawn from the incorporated trolley through a combined system of photocells and suckers, and then introduced in the working cycle by a transport roller.

The loader MIRAGE 1 and discharger MIRAGE 2 are fully synchronized between them in order to allow total control of the production.

Main features:

  • Advanced software which allows complete programming by PLC, also while the machine is switched on;
  • Display to control working cycles: wait-time-speed;
  • Motor to lift up the belt stacker;
  • Motor for head removal;
  • Manually adjustable belts width  from 18 to 70 mm;
  • Emergency switch alarm;
  • Turning wheels for easy movement.
192x61x125 cm
Net weight
160 Kg
230 single phase
0,20 Kw

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