OMAC, an Italian company based in Padua, was founded in 1956 by Danilo Paccagnella as a small shop repairing sewing machines and equipment for the shoemakers in the area.

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In the ‘80s, Danilo and his son Alberto decided to pursue only fabrication of leather processing machinery for the footwear and leather goods manufacturing sectors.

OMAC machines began to be exported all over the world soon after–in Spain, France, India and China–and went on to become the benchmark for the entire leather goods industry.

Today, OMAC is a family-run company with a global reach, boasting a catalogue of over 150 machine models designed and manufactured in Italy and exported in 67 countries worldwide by a network of 230 dealers across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

AssomacOmac is part of Assomac, the Italian Association of Manufacturers of footwear, leather goods and tanning technologies, a means of promoting and safeguarding ‘Made in Italy’ throughout the world.

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