The OMAC® Automatic Electronic Multicutter 995 automatically cuts ribbons, strings, zips, straps, Velcro and other strips of material. It is used in many manufacturing sectors: leather goods, automotive, leather items, nautical, footwear and more.


The 995 OMAC® is an automatic electronic multicutter used for automatic cutting of different types of material: ribbons, zips, strings, or other.

It is used in the production of leather goods, footwear, ski boots, riding saddles, car seat belts, nautical ropes, backpacks and harness belts, gift packing tapes, zippers and hinges, leashes and collars for animals.

It allows you to cut off any size and number of pieces automatically, even 2 or 3 tapes of the same material simultaneously. The desired number of cuts can be programmed through the display, which will show the progress of the cuts made.

Technical features:

  • Built-in aspirator;
  • Automatic blockage of the machine after exhaustion of the material;
  • Adjustable hot cutting time depending on the type of material used;
  • Dragging speed: 18 meters per minute;
  • Maximum width of the material to be cut: 100 mm.;
  • Maximum width of the material to be cut for XL model: 150 mm.
  • Length of automatically programmable pieces: 0-30 meters;
  • Dishes for each roll of material Ø cm. 50;

PLC versions allow a simplified programming: after selecting the desired cut, you can enter all the desired parameters.

Available versions:

  • 995C: performs just hot straight cut.
  • 995F: performs just cold straight cut.
  • 995FC: performs straight cut in cold and hot cuts with welding.
  • 995C PLC: performs only hot straight cut.
  • 995F PLC: performs only cold straight cut.
  • 995FC PLC: performs hot with welding and cold straight cuts.
  • 995FCID PLC: allows straight cut and hot left and right inclined cut, with programmable welding in various shapes.

Technical data

110x110x165 cm
130 Kg
Consumption (cold cut)
520 Watt
Consumption (hot cut)
1450 Watt
Supply air pressure
6 bar
380/110/220/240/440 Volt

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