LT650 Optic OMAC® is an automatic gluing station equipped with vision system, used to glue leather or fabric elements in different fields: leather goods, footwear, automotive, nautical, furniture, watchmaking, etc.


LT 650 optic is an automated work station suitable for bonding leather and fabric components. The working method is through two alternatively removable trays, which gives the possibility to place material on a tray while the other is being processed.

Based on an optical vision system with video camera resolution of 1.3 MP that detects the shape and position of the pieces to be glued, the machine allows all types of gluing perimeter and any point of a flat pieces and for full gluing.

Machine is equipped with two guns, with nozzles from 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm, which reduce the margin of error to +/- 1 mm. The machine is equipped with a computer, remote access for assistance, LCD monitor "17, program of management of the 3 axis of movement XYZ and 2 axes for the adjustment of the glue and editing models.

Thanks to the specially created software which allows an easy and intuitive use of the machine, for example, the operator to freely position the pieces to be glued on the working table. The programming can be done through DXF files, preset routes or points, with the help of joystick and laser pointer. All programs can be saved on the PC and USB flash drive which can be reused in the future.

The machine is equipped with a 10 liters Teflon adhesive tank prepared for watertight glue bags. The glue tank and powerful exhauster is integrated inside. Thanks to the wheels, the machine can be moved easily at any place.

Working area:

  • LT 650 optic = 90x70 cm


  • Additional  spray gun and tank;
  • Integrated scale for measuring the glue quantity inside the tank

Application sectors

Technical data

190x238x210 cm
820 Kg

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