The 850 OMAC® Electronic brushing-polishing machine 850 is used in the belt and leather goods industries to brush and polish belts, shoulder straps for hand bags and leather strips that require a glossy finish.


The 850 is an Electronic brushing-polishing machine with 4 brushes able to brush and polish belts, shoulder straps for hand bags, leashes and collars for animals with a maximum of 100 mm width.

It is equipped with speed converter and brushes, aspirator, wax application system and SP100 brush-tip device.

The machine stands out for its ease of use and extreme versatility, which allows for different types of finishes with the simple replacement of the various brushes supplied (cloth - crust - mixed cloth - leather). Additionally, you can use wax on two or four brushes as needed.

The brushes are powered by four independent motors set, for pairs, by an electronic system that also regulates the speed from 0 to 4,500 rpm. The suction system employs a high-capacity engine and is independent of each brush.

Technical features:

  • Transport of electronically controlled variable speed material;
  • Unique width adjustment of belts, shoulder straps and leather strips;
  • Optimum use of brushes with the ability to approach or remove them individually to the belt;
  • Vertical positioning of the brushes, for longer use of the brushes.

Application sectors

Technical data

92x73x117 cm
270 Kg
4 Engines of
300 W cad. D.C.
1 Aspirator
of 370 W
1 Transport engine
of 200 W

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