The 600 OMAC® Linear Electro pneumatic Folding Machine are used in leather industry,  leather accessories and furniture to make folds with hot or cold systems on accessories in leather, eco leather or similar materials.


The 600 OMAC® are Linear Electro pneumatic Folding designed to make folds with cold ® or hot (RC) systems on various leather accessories such as wallets, wallets for checks and credit cards, hand bags.
Also, they are used in the production of agendas, menus, desk accessories, sample folders, leather or eco leather panels. They are characterized by a folding width of 5 to 15 mm.

Technical features:

  • Variable material thickness from 0.2 to 2 mm;
  • Programmable temperature from 0 to 100 °C;
  • Pressure time from 0.3 to 10 seconds;
  • Keypad with LCD with microprocessor for programming and check control function;
  • Pedal electrically connected for bending;
  • Quill beads with dent.

The following models are available:

  • 600R Linear Electro pneumatic Folding Machine with cold system.
  • 600RC: Linear Electro pneumatic Folding Machine with cold and hot systems (RC).


  • Lighting system;
  • Support.

Application sectors

Technical data

Material Thickness
0,1÷2 mm
Padded material thickness
up to 8 mm
Folding capacity
3÷15 mm
Execution time
2 sec
Pressure time
0,3÷10 sec
0÷100 C°
Useful folding space
60 cm
103 Kg
52x84x52 cm
Pneumatic supply
6 bar

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