The OMAC® Automatic Punching-Numbering Machine 750-700 is used to cut the tip, punch the holes, stamp the back and cut the end of belts, shoulder straps of handbags and other leather strips, through a single electronically programmable operation.


The OMAC® 750-700 is an automatic punching-numbering machine which allows punching, puncturing and stamping in a single operation belts and shoulder straps for handbags in leather or eco leather, even using material reels (version 750TA). It is also used in the production of leashes and collars for animals and backpacks straps.

Technical features:

  • Programmable by PLC Touch Screen;
  • Equipped with 6-hole block;
  • Punch tip and barb + pneumatic stamping machine of 27 cm length;
  • Cutting power 2000 Kg.
  • Adjustable temperature up to 250° C.
  • Settable operation via touch-screen user interface
  • Advancement and reverse gear with step motor
  • Interchangeable blades;
  • Hydraulic unit;
  • Printing unit with 6 counters +3 cliché supports +1 sizing disc (only on mod. 750-700).
  • Belt width and drive roller pressure manually adjustable;
  • Worktable adjustable from 10 to 70 mm.

Available versions:

  • 750N: Single power punching machine, programmable by PLC Touch Screen, complete with 6 holes block, punch tip and barb. Cutting 2000 Kg.
  • 750TA: Via coil power supply punching machine programmable by PLC Touch Screen, complete with 6 holes block, punch tip and barb. Cutting 2000 Kg.

Technical data

113X70X155 cm
Net weight model 750-700
285 Kg
380 Volt
Absorbed power
2,2 Kw
Cutting strength
2000 Kg
Stamp pressure
6 bar

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