The 810 OMAC® trimming machine is used in the leather, saddlery and leather objects industry. It is ideal for trimming and rounding, belts, shoulder straps for bags, leashes and collars for animals and other leather or synthetic materials, preparing them for coloring.


The OMAC® 810 is a trimming machine designed to trim and round belts, bags shoulder straps, collars and leashes for animals, riding saddles and other objects in leather. The leather thickness can vary from 15 to 80 mm.

Operations are performed simultaneously without having to replace any part.

Technical features:

  • “U” shaped blades with measure on request;
  • Speed variators;
  • Suction system;
  • Width, advancement material pressure and amount of removable material easily adjustable.

The machine can be connected online for automatic belt production.


  • Auto centred guide;
  • Diamond sharpener AF20.

Application sectors

Technical data

70x45x112 cm
100 Kg
Maximum absorption
500 Watt
Power Supply
220 Volt
Cutting width
1,5÷8 cm

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