For more than 60 years, we have been serving textile and other manufacturing businesses–from small artisan shops to big fashion, furniture and automotive manufacturers–with only one purpose in mind: to co-create with our customers top quality products with an impeccable design through our machinery. Our experience has taught us to handle and solve any problem related to the processing of leather and fabrics, and we have succeeded in giving shape to unique and rare creations with that distinctive Italian factor.

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Our philosophy is based on knowledge of the product and materials. We know that details are what matters and this is why our machines can turn any process into a valuable and desirable piece. We have always been at the service of style, so when we design our machines, we pay painstaking attention to those special characteristics that have put them in a class of their own.

Quality, innovation, reliability and versatility are the elements that make us the best in our chosen field. And respect for the environment is embedded in our strategy. Our technologies are designed to minimise energy consumption, limiting, as a result, the footprint of the industrial manufacturing activity.


Our research & development department is at the service of our style office to bring any creative idea alive. Our team of engineers is committed to coming up with new technologies that push the boundaries, able to manufacture items with increasingly unique designs: a tailored service to ensure top-quality products of the highest manufacturing standards.


Our projects are more and more geared towards increasing sustainability. That’s because keeping up with the times also means respecting not only our work environment, but our surrounding natural environment as well.
But for us sustainability is also about caring for our customers’ environment and this translates into designing our machinery with the health and protection of the people who operate them at heart.


Mechanical precision and top-level performance are what sets our machines apart. Our machines feature a streamlined industrial design and incorporate technology that raises the value of your products to Italian standards of style and beauty.
The high quality materials we use in our machines and our meticulous attention during assembly translate into proven reliability over time, fewer breakdowns, and reduced downtime for our customers.


There are over 150 machine models and automated production lines made to satisfy all aspects of material processing – from leather to various textile fibres or plastics. Applications span multiple manufacturing sectors: watches, furniture, automotive, boating, footwear and decorative items.


We made our technology to readily adapt to the demands of the ever-changing market. This gives us the capability to design and build custom solutions and meet any customer requirement.


One of our priorities is building and maintaining a relationship of trust with our customers and collaborators, so we make sure we share everything we do with them through clear communication, social media and events.

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